Present yourself creatively and increase employability
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MyChehara is a video based platform that enables employability by allowing talent to be showcased, identified & gainfully employed overcoming geographical & locational barriers.

MyChehara is a gateway to the future of recruitment industry as video resumes and interviews can prove to be a boon for both job seekers and employers as it helps in cutting short the initial stages of traditional screening process. Video technology serves as a powerful tool for employers that can be leveraged both prior to and immediately after a new employer's recruitment.

On the other hand,candidates can express their individuality and display their professional endeavour which can set them apart in the competitive job market. Video resume helps the candidate to create a first impression to the recruiter with their talent, skills and creativity.


( Job Seekers )

Break the clutter of video resumes by expressing yourself creatively and differently.

Record your video resume by experimenting with different locations such as your college or home, in a car or a friend?s house or even a park using the MyChehara App.

Shoot multiple videos and upload only the best one.

Download the app and do a trial right now. Its absolutely free

SEARCH AND APPLY FOR JOBS  honed to your skillsets

MyChehara's 'Recommended Job Section' delivers matching jobs to your mobile phone instantly, on being posted by companies.

You can now apply to jobs using your video resume without any delay and ensure that you don?t miss the next big opportunity.

MULTIPLY YOUR TIME  multiple companies at the same time

Your MyChehara resume is your professional introduction to the corporate world.

MyChehara multiplies your time and efficiency by allowing multiple companies to view your video resume at the same time. This helps companies in mapping candidates to their requirements without the need for calling them for face-to-face interviews.

Attend MULTIPLE INTERVIEWS from the comfort of your home

MyChehara's 'Video Interview' feature allows companies to specify interview questions upfront to shortlisted candidates.

Candidates can access these questions through the MyChehara app and record their video-based responses to the same, similar to a physical interview.

Recruiting companies can then scrutinize responses and finally schedule a face-to-face interview only with the most relevant candidates.

MyChehara saves you considerable time and effort by using video resumes and video interviews for the initial interview rounds.


It helps organizations connect, engage & develop their talent.


It helps bring significant efficiencies in the talent recruitment process in organizations


Enables employability by allowing talent to be showcased, identified & gainfully employed.

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